Heritage Carpentry, Inc. is a full service union carpentry contracting firm specializing in both residential and commercial construction.  Founded in 2001, Heritage Carpentry, Inc. has grown to be the premier carpentry contractor servicing Northwest Illinois and among the top contractors servicing the Chicagoland market as well.  From Chicago to Iowa, from Wisconsin to Indiana, no job is too far, no job is too big, no job is too small.


At Heritage Carpentry, Inc., we treat every project as a symbol of our integrity. Quality is not compromised. Training in fall protection, nail gun usage and general safety practices are considered in the highest regard. It is our realization that the ultimate goal in any endeavor is to ensure success for all involved, including the work force, and that this is accomplished in a very large part by sending them home to their loved ones safe and sound, every day. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality of craftsmanship to our clients. Our focused ability to exceed our customers desires permeates all that we do, from selecting project materials to ensuring we are constantly working with you to get the job done professionally, quickly, with high quality results.